Want to learn more about how Applied Improvisation can help your business, education and personal life? Join us for this free learning, networking and mentoring meeting in NW Reno! YES AND we will open with applications that you may immediately infuse into your life! ***Applied improvisation is the application of improvisational methods in various fields like consulting, facilitating (workshops, team trainings, meetings, conferences…), teaching, coaching, researching, generating or evolving ideas and designs, theatrical training and playing, medical and therapeutic settings or in social work. #AppliedImprovRenoTahoe


January 14th, 2020

The January event will run from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Reno Town Mall at America Matters Media at 4001 S. Virginia St. Reno 89502. 

May 5th, 2020

The May event will run from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.



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Applied Improv for small and large business’

Helping colleagues learn to work together is one of the most valuable things a business can do, but it is also one of the most difficult. How do you help people overcome anxiety or uncomfortable feelings they may have about expressing their creativity in social situations? How do you help people listen to each other and observe each other, without judgment, so that they can build on each other’s ideas while making those around them look and feel good? Many business trainings and team-building exercises try to do this, often without much success. Are there more evidence-based approaches that can do the trick? Yes, there is. This is where Applied Improvisation makes a world of difference as it is rooted in collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Assessment results: The benefits of Applied Improvisation for social-emotional learning (Grades 7-12)

KidScape Productions is celebrating its 19th year using Applied Improvisation (AI) for essential life skills. Whether training is provided during school hours, after school, or during one of our camps and assemblies, the benefits are significant and lifelong. Applied Improvisation, when done correctly, offers participants a low stake environment to hone in on essential life and communication skills. AI uses the methodology of improvisation and is infused into business, school, relationships, and everyday life.

Utilizing Improvisation to Teach Empathy Skills in Counselor Education

KidScape Productions helps students master important life skills that work on and off the stage.Our pedagogical tools offer students a fun and positive approach to self-actualization. Through hands-on engaging applications in professional role play, improvisation and acting techniques; participants learn to build, balance and enhance focus, optimism and cognitive flexibility. Hear a bit about what Hannah and Awa have to say: “Counselor training programs are tasked with ensuring students meet standards for knowledge and skilled application of various content areas.


  • Presentations should include an interactive activity that supports healthy brain and body development in all ages.


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